About Us


  • Professional Geotechnical Engineer

Licensed in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming

  • Professional Structural Engineer

Licensed in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming

  • Professional Geologist

Licensed in Utah

  • ACI Certified

Field I

Lab I

  • WAQTC Certified

ACI – CFT Concrete Testing

AgTT– Asphalt Testing Technician

AsTT – Asphalt Testing Technician

EbTT/DTT – Embankment Testing Technician

LbTT – Laboratory Testing Technician

STT – Strength Testing Technician (Concrete)

  • Nuclear Gauge Certification

Standard nuclear guage

  • Special Inspection

ICC –Reinforced Concrete Inspector

ICC – Masonry Special Inspector

ICC – Fire Proofing Inspector

ICC – Structural Steel and Bolting Inspector

AWS – Welding Inspector


GEM Engineering, Inc. was founded in January 2005 by Joel A. Myers. His many years of experience in the field of engineering have helped him establish a reputable company that specializes in Geotechnical Engineering and Studies, Environmental Investigations, Materials Testing, Special Inspections and Structural Engineering.

GEM specializes in a wide range of services from individual lot investigations to large residential and commercial developments.

Our professional engineers are licensed in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming.

Our Team

Robert Corry, P.E., S.E.



Joel Myers, P.E.

Geotechnical/Environmental Engineer


Carma Rae Henry

Materials Testing Manager


Brennan Stucker

Geotechnical Division Manager


Aubrie Nisson

Business Manager