Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Soils Unstable?

The ability of the soil to support the foundation is measured by its compressibility or consolidation potential as well as bearing strength. Certain conditions in the soil can cause foundation movement and consequent foundation or structural damage. In granular soils (sand, gravel) movement often results from a condition in which there are too many voids between particles. A good mixture of particle size normally will increase stability.

What Can Be Done to Correct Problems?

A Geotechnical Soils Report can be prepared for the site and the recommendations for site preparation and grading, foundation type and depth, soil corrosion, moisture protection, etc. can be implemented before and during construction. If the structure has already experienced distress, there are corrective measures that can be taken.

What is Hydro-Collapsible Soil?

Soil that is susceptible to collapse when exposed to excessive amounts of water.

What is Compaction?

Densifying the soil to minimize settlement potential.

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